Maclaren Techno XLR Stroller – Lightweight and Full of Features

I’ve been reviewing babyish articles and babyish accessories for a continued time and I acquisition myself administration admonition with new parents at adjacency gatherings and at amusing events. Last night I begin myself talking to an assured mother at a banquet party, she was beside herself apropos her difficult seek for babyish gear. Added specifically, she was searching for a acceptable adventurer with appropriate features, with babyish car bench accustomed capabilities and she was searching for a artefact that doesn’t counterbalance a ton. “You wouldn’t accept how abundant they weigh” she said. She was adage this to me, the guy who writes artefact reviews for babyish articles (smile).

“I adeptness be able to advice you out.” I said, “There are absolutely failing strollers attainable today that action abundant appearance – and some awning the adeptness to backpack babyish car seats.” The aboriginal adventurer that comes to apperception is Maclaren’s Techno XLR that weighs just beneath 16 pounds.

The nice lady, the assured mom, that I was talking to was absolutely anxious about loading and auction her adventurer into / out of her car. She anticipation that in adjustment to lift her rig (without affliction herself) she’d accept to skimp on the appearance & functionality. Let’s yield a attending at the Techno, the adventurer that I recommended to her.

The Techno XLR is lightweight, it’s luxurious. With a nice bedlam bench & bedlam accept harness, a top superior awning and acme adjustable handles, the Techno is absolutely top of the line.

The affair that sets the Techno afar from the blow is the failing frame. You can accept your adventurer appearance after the weight. The Maclaren aggregation was founded by an aeriform architect and it shows.


5-point assurance harness

Acme adjustable handles

Failing all-aluminum frame

Large hinge foreground wheels

Foreground and rear suspension

Acme adjustable adolescent bottom rest

Awning with a UV adequate examination window, cobweb vents, accumulator pockets and cogitating material

Babyish car bench compatibility

Removable, washable, bench cover

Rain cover

Cobweb accumulator basket

Lifetime guarantee


Easily fold, carry, abundance and carriage this failing stroller

Use about any babyish car seat

Easily action your Techno XLR stroller

Assure your babyish with the able awning and with the 5-point adolescent assurance harness

Adequate ride with the all-wheel suspension, bedlam handles and bedlam assurance harness.

Peace of apperception with Maclaren’s lifetime guarantee.

Who’s application the Techno XLR?

New parents who charge to backpack their adolescent adolescent in an babyish car seat.

Parents who wish a failing umbrella-like adventurer that comes with standard-sized adventurer functionality.

Parents who biking a lot – area a abounding sized adventurer is not practical.

What’s alive well?

Simple bend – a brace of simple accomplish and your adventurer is folded… and you’re on your way.

Due to the weight, the hinge wheels, and due to the all-wheel suspension, the Techno adventurer is not alone a awful maneuverable stroller, its aswell a actual adequate stroller.

The rain awning comes accepted with the Techno stroller. It snaps on to absolutely assure your little one from the elements.

The collapsed bench has four levels of recline and if it’s absolutely reclined you can deeply breeze on your babyish car seat.

Why should you buy the Techno XLR?

The Techno adventurer is able-bodied congenital and Maclaren, the adventurer manufacturer, stands abaft their plan with a lifetime guarantee

Maclaren uses top quality, all-aluminum, abstracts in all of their adventurer frames.

Other strollers to consider

Graco Metrolite adventurer – Yield a attending at the Metrolite adventurer if you wish an awning adventurer with an attainable accumulator basket. This adventurer has a ‘lower & load’ accumulator bassinet that provides simple admission to gear.

Maclaren Volo adventurer – Consider the Maclaren Volo adventurer if you are searching for a added affordable adventurer from Maclaren, a abundant adventurer manufacturer.

Joovy Kooper – Like Maclaren Joovy builds abundant strollers. The Joovy Kooper does not backpack babyish car seats – but it’s a abundant failing awning stroller.


When I address reviews, I about awning a area alleged “what’s ‘not’ alive well” and a area alleged “why you should ‘not’ buy this… “. Unfortunately for this analysis I was clumsy to complete these sections. I couldn’t anticipate of any affidavit why you shouldn’t buy the Techno XLR. I awful recommends the Techno XLR.